Discussion on: Linux commands useful when performing heavy processing

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Henry Vindin

Personally I'm not a huge fan of using nohup for things because it either essentially just makes your terminal hang or you need to disconnect from the job, but Reconnection is somewhat pointless.

I've found that using disown -h (not defined in posix so YMMV, and Actually I'm pretty sure this is a bashism) to disown jobs that I want to run in the background but not remove from the job table (ie. I can more easily reattach to them later if I want but the HUP sent by terminal closure doesn't impact them).

Or,and even better solution, install something like screen or tmux, eventually if you get into the habit of always launching a screen or tmux session when you log in then you can always reattach to your previous session, assuming the job hasn't finished and $TMOUT isn't set.