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How to integrate WhatsApp messaging using TWILIO?

Hello Everyone,

I have been trying to integrate WhatsApp messaging using TWILIO.
While doing this I had read many article and blogs and had conversation with TWILIO person because I am struggling while integrating it.

The problem is not on the coding side, problem resides on the getting verification side (approval process).

I wanted to know that Is there anyone in the community who has integrated WhatsApp messaging using TWILIO.

If anyone had integrated it please can you tell me that guidelines for getting approved by WhatsApp for business messaging.

Can you please share your mail id or can we discuss here on community so If anyone other struggling with the same issue can
use our discussion.

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Dipen Bhikadya

There are some changes in the approval process since this question was posted. A separate approval is not required if you are planning to use up to 2 WhatsApp phone numbers.