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UX Developer

The dream that I would like to achieve is becoming a UX Developer..

What is UX?

The term user experience is a little bit complicate to understand since you will see that through the years this is being part of a lot of different ways to express the behind the scenes of design.
User Experience as we know is part of the experience that the end-user can have inside of any digital product. In other words, UX is the most important part of any company since this is the way that companies will present their ideas & creativity to the public.
In design, you will have two different important pieces which are UI & UX.

User Interface is the part where you put more attention on how people will interact with your product, and User Experience is the way that people will see your brand and the way that people will remember your brand.
Both of these terms are important to understand the design & methodology part of building & creating a product.

What is a Developer?

A developer is a person that is in charge of creating and bringing magic to the table to be able to create the project.
In other words, is an individual that builds and create software and applications. This person will be in charge of write, debug, and executes the source code of a software application.
A developer will also be known as a Software Developer, Web Developer, Software and Web Engineer, Programmer, and many more names.
In business purposes, you will need to understand that a developer is a key individual behind all the software and web apps. Developers are well considered as versed in at least one programming language and proficient in the magic of structuring and developing all source of code.
The unique role of this type of people is coding and creating all the magic behind every system, platform, website, etc.

What is a UX Developer?

In many places, this person will be known as the “Unicorn.” This is the silliest name that I never heard before. The theory behind the walls is that a UX Developer a front-end developer with sensitivity and talent for crafting a UI that is going to be better to use.
This type of person is having a better understanding of the User Experience work that goes ahead of the User Interface Design.
Behind the Walls, you will see that this type of people will have unique skills like knowing how to code & how to design. Some people will think that this is impossible, but I think what is attractive is that not a lot of people will be willing to do that since having both skills are a little bit complicated to get.

To give you a better idea of this type of Unicorns, we would need to say that User Experience Developers can build projects, and most of the times, we will focus on prototypes, and proofs of concepts.
In other words, we will be the ones that will see if it works, and see if it is possible to build, and see if it is a different way to do that.

Why UX Developer?

In my own words, I would like to say that this is the way I can implement all my skills, ideas & creativity since I need to use my design skills to build a good and qualified project to catch the attention of my audience. Also, I need to apply my developer knowledge to make sure I will be able to achieve the goal of my primary idea and to make sure I will be able to apply common sense to every single app or web app that I’m creating at that specific moment.

This idea started to bump into my head a couple of months ago since I’m currently working through my bachelor’s degree in Web & App Development at Utah Valley University, and I’m currently enrolled at Bottega Tech to achieve my certification as a Full-Stack Developer.
Of course, if you know me, you will think that I’m always looking the best way to complicate more myself, but I think this is a role that can make me feel productive and that can make me feel good since I’m applying all the skills that I have and it makes me feel that I need to learn all the time.

Technologies will help us to improve, but we always need to remember that as humans, we will need to put an extra effort to make sure we can do always more.

The last thing that I will say is that achieving your goals can be a long way, but if you know your direction, you will see that everything that you will need to know to succeed step by step. Being a UX developer is not an easy road since you will need to get dirty to make sure you know when something is good or bad design.

Please don’t forget to have a wonderful day and don’t forget to enjoy everything that you do — Coders_forlife.

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Jasper Stephenson

Amazing! I call myself a UX Engineer too, because I sit right at that prototype, research, and test-driven intersection of design and frontend. I think your head's in the right place.

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Andres Haro

It is fun to know that there are more people out there with the same thought since a lot of people will tell me that I need to focus on one thing Coding or Design. The good thing is that both skills are pretty good and that I'm able to figure it out. Thank you for the comment, I really appreciated!