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Adderal | Smart Drug

The help for students, workers, and sports-people!

In general, this is a little experiment that started at the beginning of 2018 when I was working at night as a technical support engineer. To give you a better idea of why I decided to take this smart drug was because I was working from midnight to 10 a.m. Plus, I have three little ones at home, and I had some 6 classes in the evening and a coding Bootcamp to finish.

Meaning that my brain was full and it was learning all the time. My actions and my behavior needed some help to be able to keep with everything that I was doing. So, I decided to assist the doctor, and see what I needed to be able to accomplish all my goals.
For a lot of people, this will sound like a joke but for people that have been diagnosed with ADHD will sound different since I was diagnosed with this chronic condition since I was a child. However, I never feel that I need something to be more productive since having this condition is amazing because of this condition has been an addition of the person of who I am. This condition has been allowed me to do more than any other person since I got interested in multiple things at the same time, and I’m able to put the time and effort to study to make sure I will achieve my goals or the things that I want it to do.
At this point, if you are reading this, don’t think that you will need to try this medicine or that you need to do everything in your power to see what it feels. If you think you will need some help, please reach out to your doctor and let them know your needs and let them know your existing problem.

I’m not advising anyone to start taking this medicine, this is only about my experience.
ADHS is A chronic condition including attention difficulty, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness. ADHD often begins in childhood and can persist into adulthood. It may contribute to low self-esteem, troubled relationships, and difficulty at school or work. Symptoms include limited attention and hyperactivity. Treatments include medication and talk therapy.

What is the deal with this Smart Drug?
The first deal with this smart drug is that I tried to take it to be able to finish everything that I needed to do. Since everything that I was doing was in a different schedule and I was trying to learn code. Meaning that everything that I was doing was learning and trying to keep it up on top of everything.

It worked or it is a total myth?

In my opinion, I would like to say that it worked for me since this medicine increment more hours of productivity in my life. Also, it worked because it turned another part of my brain which motivated me to start doing things that I didn’t do before.
This medicine gave me more extra hours to pay attention to whatever I was doing. By saying this, I would like to say that the major benefit is that your brain is going to be working more and all the time, meaning that you will be like a machine without stopping.
I started to pay attention more to my classes, I started to keep up with my coding skills. I was able to jump in from one job and one salary to another one in a matter of months.

Attention to Details

I started to pay attention to details like never before. I remember one day that I was driving back from California that I started to listen to music and I was able to listen to every word and start related those words with things that I did or that I will need to do in the future. I started to memorize more things without having a calendar or reminders.

I started to run into more ideas of how I would like to start my business and how I can do different things without getting overwhelmed or tire. This medicine was helping me to improve in several areas of my life.
With more detailed information, I can tell you that I was feeling like a person that should not go to sleep because I was feeling that if I go to bed, I will ruin my day!

At this moment, I feel that something went wrong, but I didn’t want to pay attention to this since I was feeling good and I was feeling better than any other time of the year.
The experiment

Since I noticed that I started to feel some of the side effects from this medicine, I decided to run a test inside of my body to see the difference and see if I will continue with this Adderal or if I will leave it.
The test or experiment started every single morning by doing the following activities:

I went to the University GYM, exercise for an hour, Going home, and take breakfast and take the Adderal. After 45 minutes, I started to feel that my eyes will open more and that my brain will start thinking more than normal. At this point, I started to do all the most important things from the day to make sure that I will not mess up.

The days that I needed to go to work, I did things a little bit differently since I take the pills at 11:00 pm without having to go to sleep before to see if this medicine will help me to keep me awake all my shift. Did it work? Yes, it worked. This medicine will send me to bed after 12:00 a.m.

I tried this routine for almost 3 months, and it worked perfectly as I needed. However, after three months, I started to feel more side-effects that I never feel before. These side effects were having migraines, and having problems going to sleep on time, and having problems with my health since I didn’t feel that I needed to eat some kind of meal during the day.

After my third month with this medicine, I started to feel sweaty, and feel that my heartbeat was running 200% which gave me anxiety, and some stress, and from that day I started to feel grampy every day.
At this moment, I decided to reduce the dose from what I was using normally to see if anything will change. Then, I started to use half of my prescription. From there, I started to feel a lot better, and I was feeling that I was not codependent from these pills.
Moreover, I started to see that my brain was feeling the same and that I was hungry more, and pretty often, I started to need more fluids for my body.

In month 12, I realized that I needed to stop to see if I will need this medicine or not. As soon as I started to take this smart drug, I started to see that I was not able to sleep and that I was getting nervous since my body started to ask for this pill. As soon as I discovered that my body needed to take this pill, I started to change my behavior and started to create a different routine to make sure I will be able to stop this medicine.
By doing this, my body started to react pretty immediately. In other words, I was having trouble to concentrate, I was having problems with my anxiety, and I started to feel depressed.

How I fixed it?

As I said before, I started to change my behavior, and I created a routine where I forced my body to start new routines like going to the GYM every day, started to drink more water and fluid to keep my body hydrated. Also, I started to eat breakfast every single morning, and after 2 months I was able to recover from this issue that I created.

PROS (My opinion)

You will get more things done
You will have more energy
You will stop drinking energy drinks or any other source of help
You will be able to learn multiple things at the same time

Cons (My opinion)

You can create an addiction
You can reduce the number of hours that you sleep
You will cause problems with your health since you will eat less, and you will drink water less than normal

You will create a dependency on this medicine that you will need to take before doing anything else since you will feel that without this prescription, you will not be able to keep it up.
In conclusion, I will say that you will need to know what you are doing to make sure you can research all the things that you need to know before making any decisions. I feel that we need more information about this medicine to keep in our heads who we are, and how we can create better habits in our lives to make sure we will not be affecting our health by this type of medicine.

We are pretty smart, the only thing that we need is dedication and passion for things that we like and we love to make sure we will always do more without having to take any weird prescriptions.
Having a condition doesn’t mean that you are sick and that you are not a normal person. However, I think we need to know and learn how we can play with this type of condition to make sure we get more of ourselves to learn how to live with this type of condition and to know our limitations, and to see what else we can do to improve. This is the way how I learned that a condition is an advantage over others since we can focus and do more in less time which I will call it in the following way “Having a condition will make us do things that nobody will try.”

Please read this article and share your thoughts.
If you have questions, you will need to email me at Please take a look at my website, repl, twitter, Github, Spanish Medium Account, Dev Community, and LinkedIn.

Please don’t forget to have a wonderful day and don’t forget to enjoy everything that you do.

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