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1) Yes, but in my mother language, Vietnamese (thefullsnack.com), and sometimes I translated them into English (thefullsnack.com/en)

2) Definitely! I write a new post every 5 or 7 days, took me about 6-10 hours for each article (including time for research, coding, and proof,...). It consumes too much of my time, but I know, it's for the good reason, I just couldn't stop :D

3) After years of blogging, I got some subscribers, they cheer me up every time I published a new post, hunt me down and correct me whenever I'm wrong in my posts, and my knowledge raised up as well! I never intended to get a freelance contract or make any profit because of blogging (I do not put Ads as well), but some technical recruiter and guys from startups actually contacted me after seeing my posts.

4) Hosted it on my linode server, it's just static pages, converted from markdown, and I spent about 3 months build it up from scratch, no plan for make-over (again) .

5) A lot! Mostly on Twitter.

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