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Discussion on: Deploying a React (with Redux)/Rails app with Netlify/Heroku

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Huy Do

Do I just only need to run the app by using ""? Here are my REACT_APP_BASE_API_URL = and FRONT_END_URL = Are they correct? I can see my characters from

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Sam Markham Author

Those look correct for your URLs, and both of those sites look like they're running! For the URLs, I would double check that this is exactly the path you were using in the development/local version of the app, like, if your API url in the frontend used to be "localhost:3000/api/v1" make sure your API url in production is "" etc.

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Huy Do • Edited on

Hi Sam, is showed users data in the seed file.
and localhost:3000/api/v1/players is showed the recent users data which are stored in pgAdmin.

Example: Here is my fetchPlayer.js from frontend

const apiURL = process.env.REACT_APP_BASE_API_URL
export function fetchPlayers() {
return (dispatch) => {
fetch(${apiURL}/api/v1/players) //Inline code has back-ticks around it.
.then(resp => resp.json())
.then(players => dispatch({
type: 'FETCH_PLAYERS', payload: players