Top 5 Web Developers You Should Follow to Succeed Without a Degree.

hussein cheayto on May 05, 2019

Have you ever dreamed of creating a website that generates money? Or better, have you ever wished to quit your job and live the perfect life having... [Read Full]
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Brad Traversy should be at the top of this list...ijs...


I can still include him, thanks for pointing that out. If you know more talented developers please let me know. There might be a second part for this one


Chris Sean is another.

Thanks Ralph


Brad is the man! So knowledgeable on multiple aspects of programming.


Moshfegh Hamedani one of the best.


I agree as well. While there many great developers and teachers out there like Brad and Maximilian Schwarzmuller (not sure if I got the last name correct), I believe in terms of teaching and ability to make people understand the content, Mosh is definitely a genius. He's just a gifted teacher besides being so knowledgeable.


I have written the part 2 of this article, I have included the names you've mentioned, you can read it here:



Thanks, I wil check his work and add him to the part 2


I agree, Mosh is awesome!


I came down here only to comment about Mosh, great guy !!


great article i think wes bos is also worth mentioning


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Something went wrong there.


Thanks for your positive feedback Malenen.


👍 thank you


Joshua Fluke is pretty dope too.


Thanks for pointing that out. I will fix it.

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