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Let's Build a Unique Tech YouTube Channel Together - Share Your Ideas and Be Part of the Journey!


Are you passionate about technology and love discovering new content? Join me as we create a one-of-a-kind Tech YouTube channel tailored by the tech community, for the tech community! Your insights are not only welcomed but essential.

Why Your Voice Matters

In a world brimming with tech gurus and content creators, your unique perspective is what can make the difference between another tech channel and a community-driven success. That’s where you come in!

Who I Am

With eight years under my belt as a Software Engineer, I've journeyed from rookie to seasoned pro, tackling job interviews, working across diverse environments, and relocating internationally for my dream job. I'm ready to share these insights and more, but more importantly, I want to learn from you to ensure we cover what truly matters.

What I'm Thinking - And What Do You Think?

I’m considering a mix of content styles and subjects. What resonates with you the most, or what do you feel is missing from the tech community online?

  • Job Interviews in Tech: Tips and real-life stories to help you succeed.
  • Daily Tech Vlogs: A peek into the day-to-day of a software engineer.
  • Launching Tech Products: From concept to market—lessons and guides.
  • Educational Content: Deep dives into complex topics made accessible.
  • Tech Podcasts: Discussions with industry experts and insiders.
  • Unboxing and Reviews: The latest gadgets, unboxed and reviewed.

How to Get Involved

Drop your suggestions in the comments, or reach out directly via Twitter or LinkedIn. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for updates and hopefully, content that strikes a chord with you. Let's make tech content that's as dynamic and diverse as the community around it!


Your feedback is the cornerstone of this project. Help shape a channel that not only interests you but also provides real value to the tech community. Together, let's make something incredible!

This revised version aims to be more direct and engaging, emphasizing community involvement and the importance of each reader's voice in shaping the channel. It also clarifies the kinds of content and asks directly for the reader's preferences and ideas.

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