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Discussion on: [Discuss] What if Died?

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Hussein Al Hammad • Edited

Perch Runway is my go-to CMS for clients.

I'm not sure about labelling standard Perch as a content management tool instead of a CMS though. I think it is a mature system. Besides traditional pages it has editable content regions, multiple-item content regions to allow you to build dynamic pages, centralised categories, built-in field types, repeater fields and an API to extend a lot of its features and build your own add-ons such as apps, field types, form validators, template filters and template handlers.

Runway has a different approach for handling pages, front controller, URL routing, Collections (content repositories), structured content, and a headless mode. The workflow is better suited for developers in comparison to standard Perch, so even for smaller sites Runway is also a good option if it suits the way you work.

If were to suddenly vanish, what would YOU be using as an alternative for your clients?

I'd keep using Perch Runway! Statmaic and Craft CMS are great PHP-based options too.

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Tammy Lee Author

Oh ho! I haven't run into many people who have used Perch Runway! Thank you for the details on your experience using it!