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Introducing 🥁 Made with CRL

Background time

Imagine this 🔮... you're a React developer with an idea for a component or component library. You could go through ALL the setup work, configure bundling, setup an example project etc x 100, OR you can use create-react-library. CRL is a project by Travis Fischer and provides you with an easy to use CLI to generate a project ready for you to start building your components.

Made with CRL

Currently, the project sits at 2.8k stars on Github meaning there could be hundreds of components and/or libraries out there for you to use. That is where Made with CRL comes in. MWCRL has been built to showcase these components and provide developers with an easy way to showcase their components.

If you have a project built with CRL, create a PR on the Github repo for it to be featured on the website.

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