Would you buy a design system with React components?

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Some components currently being designed

I'm putting together a design system with 100+ (and growing) components in Figma and React. Considering it's well designed and coded, would designers and developers buy it?

If so, what would you need to see to help you make the purchase?

If not, why?

Thank you for your input.

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Personally, I would not. My reasons are numerous, but some include:

  1. Another dependency
  2. Component does not behave as expected. Have to wait for fix or fix myself.
  3. My requirements change over time and the component no longer fits the bill - needs extending. Do I wait for you to fix or do I fix?

Just my opinion of course.


Thanks for the reply, Eddie. A big concern for me is around updating components. "Updates for life" sounds like a promise that could be hard to keep.

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