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re: Great post, thanks for sharing. 👏 I'd like to add that JavaScript used to be a Lisp dialect, so has its roots in FP. Only "recently" do we see a...

I started with Java, and definitely experienced that. I heard a comparison that comparing Java to JavaScript was like comparing a car to a carpet, but I don't think that holds as much anymore because the JS ecosystem has really developed in the past few years.

I think adding the option to do OOP in JS is a good direction to take, as letting developers choose which paradigm to use for each situation is really powerful. That power is another reason I see the same approach being adapted in Java 8+ and other languages.


The car / carpet thing is awesome. That's exactly how it used to be.

And I second what you said: JS has come a long way and it's good that we can use it as a full-grown OO language now.

It's also nice to see that so many popular languages are opening up to all different sorts of paradigms. Gives us developers lots of options and flexibility.

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