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Azure Trial Hackathon - Mini Pinterest with Flask

Overview of My Submission

Hi guys, have you ever thought about creating a simple web application to enable saving, sharing and discovery images on a smaller scale in form of pinboard by leveraging the services in Azure ?
Here we bring you our project, called MiniPinterest. This is a web application that has all the features mentioned above. We can add images, edit and delete them on it. Image information is searched through captions and name tag, using Computer Vision in analyzing the image and its content to find similar content.

Live demo at:

Submission Category:

The category for this project is: AI Aces.
We are using Azure Computer Vision API.

In addition, to publish the webapp on Production, we are using an Azure App Service for deploying, PostgreSQL for Database and Azure Blob Storage for storing images.

Azure services

Link to Code on GitHub

GitHub logo hungle00 / flask-mini-pinterest

For The Microsoft Azure Trial Hackathon on

Mini Pinteret with Flask for Azure Trial Hackathon

How to setup on local

python3 -m venv .venv
source .venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
export FLASK_ENV=development

Rename .env.example to .env and put your key.

flask run

Azure Services

  • Azure App Service for deployment
  • Azure Blog Service for upload file
  • Azure Database for PostgreSQL ( database in production )
  • Computer Vision for Image Analysis, tagging, recommend similar image

General functionality

  • Authenticate users (login/signup pages + logout)
  • CRUD Pins
  • Upload images as a pin
  • Search pins by tag
  • Recomendation similar image by tagging

Additional Resources / Info

Screenshot on app

Here is show pins page:
Show pins
Here is a demo video to show how this app works:


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