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I would say, it is depend on the needs, regulation/policy and pocket size.
But in short: use whichever feel better what suits you.

If you have countless money or you can get good revenue then definitely go for MAC because development, containers, frontend related tasks and video edition could work seamlessly, with some limitation of course.

If you need low level development, without any fancy stuff (e.g. no frontend, just pure low~ish level coding, such as c++) then Linux is way ahead of everything. Popular distros mean more support and community knowledge (ofc 85% garbage).

If you have policy, when you have to use MS for development, you still can. It is quite good, cheaper than the mac counterpart, but could have some limitation (docker vs windows 10) and WSL not every single time works and you have to go through a bunch of small details, how and what. And keep in mind, if you pollute your ms host machine, then it will drop significantly the performance and does not make easy to switch between versions.

(ps.: I know virtualbox always an option but with that, you always sacrifice a bunch of performance)

My personal opinion is, either Linux, either Mac for pure development. Mac or Windows for design and MAC for video related.

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