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I was in the exact same position when I was learning to program, and I was glad someone game be a wonderful piece of advice. The only way you can force yourself to think programmatically is actually by writing code. Pick a project, and start working on it. Then look into ways you can improve your overall architecture of the application, get feedback, make it public. Fix the vulnerabilities and flaws.

You can always pick a random book and start learning, but our brains aren't designed to retain theoretical information just by reading it. We LEARN BY EXPERIENCE. Until or unless you experience it firsthand, you will never retain that piece of information in your mind. I went through countless videos, books, articles and so on, but I only remember the things I learned AND applied.

You first few projects will suck for sure, but as you proceed, you will see for yourself that you are getting better day by day, all by the power of trial and error. Take this approach and you will good about it later on. I know this because I do.

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