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I have just started a career in Web Development and thought it would be some good use if I shared my days and anything I am learning along the way.

This is my 4th week in and I have been thrown into the deep end with multiple project briefs coming fast and still learning a lot of the skills required on the job.

All of my experience within Web Development has been from college which I have just finished and went straight into my first job as a full time developer.

Any tips and or help will be greatly appreciated and if i can assist anyone along the way then great!

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Kenneth Larsen

Congrats on your career start! What do you currently see as your biggest challenge?

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I think practicing my own skillset and building on that whilst learning how the company operates by contacting clients/stakeholders and presenting them with briefs etc. These are probably going to be the biggest challenges i think.

The last few weeks have been a bit chaotic as i was thrown in to deal with a project that i wasn't familiar with and struggled at first. But i see that as a positive, ive been inducted into the digital team very well and every member has been supportive and helpful.

I think i am really lucky to have got a position at this company and am looking forward to updating everyone here further on developments along the way!

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