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Week 6 and Overall experience in the Task force

Sooo TF 4.0 has come to an end and much of the technical and soft skills learned can be found in previous weeks' journals so this one will mostly focus on the overall experience given that it is the last one.

"Many fine things can be done in a day if you don't always make that day tomorrow" -Somebody

the quote above was sooo relatable throughout the bootcamp. When we were expected to come up with fully working APIs in a week & using a new language at first you think "it will most likely take longer than that". It is incredible how you go from that to "uhmm maybe we can do it" to "OK let me finish ahead of time so I can go back and refactor the code I wrote before fully understanding what I was doing" all in a matter of a week or so.

That steep learning curve was also possible thanks to brilliant TF4 fellow members, our hard work and team spirit throughout the bootcamp was something to be admired, so much Kudos to them "WE DID IT,JOE"

I can not finish without thanking CoA, AL teams and everyone that was working behind the scenes to make the bootcamp a pleasant experience for all of us, personally I d say I am a much much better developer than I was 6 weeks ago thanks to all of you and your work.

last but not least cheers to new connections, friends, knowledge acquired for the last 6 weeks 🍻🍻

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