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Here's my latest project:

I'm working on tools to help budding bloggers and content creators take the leap has short feeds (15 items) but you should be able to see something like this:

I've also launched on Indie Hackers here, let me know what you think.

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That's pretty neat. Though when you mention displaying short feeds, is it using what's displayed on my profile to count posts?

I'm only asking btw. My profile isn't a good example to use since I've only posted a few times. RSS feeds are 15 items long so if you post quite often it won't look nice (just a couple of bars for the latest weeks)


Works perfect since I changed my feed to return all content (so I could import everything on 😄)


Very neat.

Should DEV have something like this? 🤔

We've tried to avoid stuff that could lead to unhealthy "grinding"-style gamification. But this is pretty neat and folks tend to have fun with the GitHub version.

I'll open the floor for thoughts on this topic.


I think if you make it a weekly-sized thing it's definitely more realistic/healthy than the day per day breakdown GitHub gives you.

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