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Benefits of Microsoft Flow

Hugh Olssen
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Microsoft Flow is a cloud-based system with which you can create automated workflows, simplify business processes, and manage them more efficiently.

Microsoft Flow divides its flows into three main types:

Automatic Flow - a type of Flow that is activated when a pre-selected event occurs. For example, when a file is updated, other employees will be notified.
Scheduled Flow - a flow that occurs at a specific time, such as receiving a warning to report each day of an upcoming event.
Button Flow-Flow activated at the push of a button.

Microsoft Flow is a tool that anyone can use and integrate into their Microsoft Office 365 suite. In addition to being a business process management platform that automates repetitive tasks and simplifies their execution on behalf of employees, it also provides additional benefits.

You can easily integrate it with other applications (connectors). The activation-based tool allows you to integrate workflows directly into the various applications you use using connectors.

A connector is a tool that connects two or more external applications. Therefore, Connector lets you connect your MailChimp to Slack, SharePoint, or other applications. This way, you can automate the processes between them and simplify your daily starting tasks.

This workaround method is suitable even for people who do not have the technology and only need a Microsoft account to access the application. Also, let me note that some connectors are only available to premium users.

You can use Microsoft Flow to link your applications together and create a flow between them. For example, you can use Flow to copy data from one application to another automatically. This way, your colleagues can easily share and access data through various web applications.

A practical example is linking Sharepoint to your Outlook. Whenever a colleague sends you a file in your email, the software automatically triggers the Flow and shares the same file on your SharePoint.

After reading all this, you are probably convinced that workflow automation tools are a must nowadays: Because big data and an abundance of responsibilities outweigh things, we need something that will make our lives easier and simplify our daily business tasks that we are going through.

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How do you challange the compliance issue of proofing that an approval has happend past the 28days history?