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What heuristics do you use when developing a frontend testing strategy?

I'm currently on an Angular project with a decent sized test suite (~1000 tests), but it takes a long time to run and misses a lot of critical bugs -- I want to take a more nuanced approach.

On a broad level: what's your frontend testing philosophy?

If that's too vague, here are some more specific questions to consider:

  • What are your percentages of unit tests / integration tests / end-to-end tests?
  • Are there good quantifiable metrics for how long a (unit) test suite should take to run?
  • In terms of time spent on production code vs. tests, when is writing a challenging test not worth the effort (especially for E2E tests)?
  • When, if ever, is it okay to remove tests for stable code?
  • Do you split your test suite into different groups of tests? If so, how, and when do you run each group?

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