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Amy Hudspith
Amy Hudspith

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Nevertheless, Amy Coded in 2022

Hey there folks!

I'm Amy. I'm 22, have just landed my first job after uni and for the first time in a long time I feel like things are truly starting to go my way!

I had a tough time at uni, dealign with mental health and direct discrimination due to being a woman studying Computer Science. I tried to leave my university better than I found, helping to create the Women in Tech group and supporting the efforts of staff and other students to increase the gender diversity within the department.

I find a lot of women struggle to see how they can start making a difference, so I thought I'd share some of the ways I feel I've helped:

  • Just being a woman in tech!
  • Apply to be part of organisations/schemes (during my time at uni I have been a GitHub Campus Expert and an MLH Coach Organisations such as these tend to put you more in the spotlight, giving more people an opportunity to see you)
  • Get involved in the hackathon scene (in general it's a really welcoming and accepting community, and if you are no longer a student see if your company can sponsor a local hackathon and send you along to the event)
  • Amplify and support the women around you
  • Talk about the difficulties faced by women in tech

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Alex Radu

Congratulations Amy 💕 I'm sorry for the struggles you experienced as a woman in tech but I hope that we all are trying leave the tech world better than we found it and this won't happen to others in the future! You are awesome and I'm glad you're thriving!

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Amy Hudspith

Thank you so much Alex!

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Dave Follett

Thanks for sharing your story.