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Create data schema documentation from your terminal

Hi there,

We want to present our command line interface - "Hubql CLI" to you! Our tool is available as NPM package (hubql)

Hubql is a collaboration platform for building, visualizing, and documenting data models and API schemas. Hubql's new command-line interface will enable you to interact with Hubql in a new way. Use our CLI to link your local folder to Hubql and publish your files to our platform, to generate preview links for collaboration with others for your JSON, GraphQL, Prisma, XML and Protobuf files.

You can also generate documentation and download diagrams to your local machine.This will allow you to automate documentation generation and keep your documentation up to date. Furthermore, you can generate documentation collaboration links to collaborate or share with your team and external stakeholders.

We prepared a short Quickstart guide:

Quickstart guide on youtube

We are releasing Hubql CLI on Product Hunt today. We'd love to hear your thoughts and hope for your support and feedback.

Take me to Product Hunt

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