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A Better History Command


Many people using the Linux terminal repeatedly search the command line history with such command:

history | grep cd
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While this command is fine, I would like to shorten the command.


I would like to create a command h which will

  • List the history if there is no argument
  • Search the history for the arguments when they are supplied


After a few trials and error, I finally came up with a shell function, which I add to my ~/.bashrc and ~/.zshrc files:

function h() {
    history | grep -E --color=auto "${@:-}"
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When invoked without any arguments, the command h behaves just like the history command.

When invoked with one or more arguments, those arguments will be passed on to the grep command. Examples:

h            # shorthand for history
h ls         # Searches history for the ls command
h -i myfile  # Case-insensitive search for myfile
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I really appreciate the fish shell’s history command and completions.