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httpjunkie profile image Eric Bishard Updated on ・4 min read

I have had the most amazing year and a half as a developer advocate and working for KendoReact at Progress Software a truly amazing company and I want to bring all of this experience and apply it to your team as a developer advocate or engineer in 2020!

Below are all of my blog articles, conference talks, videos and workshops from 2018 and 2019 that I have produced on, for Tesla, the Angular team and mostly for my dear friends and family at KendoReact.

Why Me?

Why not? Stop asking silly questions and let's get to the good stuff! But if you really want to know, check out my LinekdIn and schedule some time with me to talk about developer relations or engineering opportunities.

React Conference Talks


Here is a preview of the app we built in our workshop:

DevReach React Workshop

I had written about React Hooks on the blog and once I had a gang of articles on the subject, I combined them all knowledge into a single resource with help from my amazing team on design, marketing, SEO and getting it deployed onto the website where it could better serve the React community and our customers who use React on a daily basis. It was an amazing idea and I owe that to my team for encouraging me and helping me to create this amazing resource on Hooks. It replaced the following articles:

  • How to Use Basic React Hooks for State and Effects
  • How to Use Basic React Hooks for Context
  • How to Use Basic React Hooks for Reducers
  • Everything You Need to Create a Custom React Hook
  • Discovering React Hooks with KendoReact

Again, We rolled them all into one article and redirected each former blog post to the applicable section of the new guide:

React Hooks Guide by Eric Bishard

Coming very soon, we have a piece that takes over twenty-five React developers and sources tips for productivity and provides a beautiful resource for both beginners to React and seasoned developers. It will be out soon and I will put a link to that right here when it's available:

26 Tips From the Community and React Experts on Productivity
(coming soon.. like, any day now!)

Of course, this is my favorite place to write, has a massive built-in developer community and instant engagement on your blog topic if you are lucky! I’m actually working on a feature in my blog to allow viewers on my site to jump to to leave their comments and engage. You know, lol a link! Articles

Angular Blog

KendoReact Webinars

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