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Hello, I'm a big fan of the react-virtualized-grid option as one of the better choices for open-source, also the author Brian is part of the React core team and I'm aware of his work in open source, also there are some great articles about how to use it, why you should use it, etc. I also think that virtualized rows and columns are super important for any data grid that may be rendering a large number of results. To think that this used to be a feature that almost no libraries were supporting.

I would also recommend the KendoReact Grid as it supports all of the features that you mention, as well; no license is required to use it so long as you are not putting it in a commercial site and I wanted to make sure I was suggesting a possible free option. If you have any questions about how that works, hit me up, full disclosure, I am the developer advocate for that product and I can help if you have any questions!

Thanks for taking the time to compare these other options, it's super helpful to those of us trying to navigate similar decisions about which grids to use!

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