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DevTo - New Users Automatically Added To Followers List

htnguy profile image Hieu Nguyen ・1 min read

I am not sure if I am mildly delusional or when a new user joins, they automatically get added to my followers list.

I got like 10 -12 new followers in the last day or two. I have never had any contact with them and when I visit their profiles, they are mostly blank besides their name and the date they join 3/27-3/28(today).

Am I missing something? Or people who just joined really begin their journey by following others?

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Ethan Hampton

As part of the sign up flow I believe dev shows a smattering of users who they might be interested in following. You must happen to be on that list right now and thus some people decide to follow you

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Hieu Nguyen Author

right that makes more sense. Thanks!.

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Thread Thread
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Hieu Nguyen Author

Thanks for the reference. All my confusion has been dispelled.

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Upasana Deka

It showed me some suggestions and I followed you.
Hi hii 👋🏼