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Testing a remote repository

Our topics for this week include implementing a new feature for SSG application to work with config.json file and learning about git remote.
In addition, I have also learned a new way to test code via remote. It is so cool and I will definitely use it often in the future.

Writing new feature in Python

I wanted to reinforce my skill in Python, so I chose Quiwen-Yu 's project_ TextHTML to work with. I love Python and so I enjoy working on Quiwen 's project. The language is straightforward, plus there are tons of supporting libraries. In addition, Quiwen made separate logics for processing input files and generating HTML pages, making it easier for me to implement the new feature. I have made a Pull request, and I am still waiting for her response.

Testing code using Git remote

Quiwen Yu is also a contributor to my Shinny-SSG application this week. She had submitted a Pr, but I requested some changes to make it better.

To test her code, I practice this new git command

Git remote add Qiwen-Yu

This command allows me to work on the code in other developers' branches without merging the upstream repository.
I am now beginning to understand why Git is an important part of daily programming and its power for people to work together. Along with my journey with Opensource, I love Git more and more.

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