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Let's make remote work mainstream! Remote work for synchronous, verbal-communication-based teams

hossameldeen profile image Hossam El-Deen Updated on ・1 min read

Hello all!

I just wrote an article: How remote work is done at my company.

Before joining this company, I'd tried a simple remote experiment in one of my previous companies and it's failed catastrophically.

It's now common knowledge that remote work is (1) hard to mix with non-remote teams, and (2) for asynchronous, writing-heavy teams. My article challenges the second point.

So, go give it a read and tell me your thoughts, please.

This is not to take from asynchronous, writing-based communication. But some people with their current skill set, and some use-cases like baby startups perhaps?, are perhaps better suited for synchronous, verbal, screen-share communication. And they don't have to pay the cost of commute!

This article is the cultivation of my ~8-9 months of remote work, and a couple-of-years remote experience of my team. Sincerely hope it helps!

So, if you want to know how to work remotely successfully with a synchronous, verbal-communication-based team -- a team that dislikes writing and asyncronity, read this article: How remote work is done at my company.


Due to current events, the article is now free:

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