What terminal do you use?

hos4m profile image Hossam Mourad ・1 min read

I was a long term user of iTerm but recently made the switch to Hyper.

What terminal do you use and what kind of extensions/tricks/aliases that you use frequently?


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Why did you switch to Hyper? I've test-driven it and found it to be quite clunky.

I was using iTerm2, but switched to Alacritty. Some of the pros:

  • the speed difference is perceptible to me
  • it is written in Rust which I'm a huge fan of
  • portability across different Linux distros and macOS
  • configuration is easy and portable (saved in a dotfile)


  • no tabs (I use tmux)
  • single instance so I must move it around (although people have figured out a way to do it w/o any additional plugins or software under the issues tab)
  • no status line : I like knowing my resource utilization in real-time without resorting to Mac's Activity Monitor, top, or htop (but certainly less distrations)

It's more for the keyboard shortcut warriors IMO that use emacs/vim with tmux. Hard for me to go back to iTerm2 with tabs now because I have at least five sessions open, each housing a different project or repo, employing tmux plugins like resurrect and continuum give me auto-save and restore on reboots or even connecting remotely. I wish I had known sooner how easy it was to get up and running and learn tmux. I never have to figure out how to re-open all my projects anymore when the system panics or dreading a restart


I find Terminator the best.


I mostly use Terminator as well.


Most of the time what comes with the OS. For now, on Debian 10 Plazma, Konsole. konsole.kde.org/


on Windows, windows terminal is pretty solid, also using hyper on everything else


as from right now testing terminus which is beaultiful


In Windows, Windows Terminal.
In Linux, whatever the default is.
In macOS, iTerm2.


iTerm and the terminal built into the VScode.


I'm using Kitty github.com/kovidgoyal/kitty
I was using Alacritty, but it didn't allow Fira Code


When I'm on Linux the default terminal based on the distro, on Mac I use iTerm2 iterm2.com/ , and some time ago Terminus eugeny.github.io/terminus/