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Hoppscotch vs Postman - Why choose Hoppscotch?

At Hoppscotch, our mission is to make API testing accessible to everyone involved in the product development process, whether they are technical or non-technical. This is one reason why Hoppscotch has a web app that can be accessed without an account.

Anyone, anywhere can start using Hoppscotch instantly, helping them ship products faster!

We also offer a native desktop app (currently in alpha release) that makes it convenient to test APIs directly from your computer.

But why choose Hoppscotch over its proprietary alternative, Postman?

Test your APIs offline.

Postman requires you to be online even for testing local APIs. With Hoppscotch, you can work with your APIs without an internet connection.

Even the web app operates offline by caching locally and functioning as a PWA, allowing you to test APIs anywhere, anytime!


Postman’s free plan only allows collaboration with up to 3 members and charges $14 per user per month for additional users on their paid plan. With Hoppscotch, you can add unlimited collaborators to a workspace at no extra cost.

Hoppscotch also lets you create private workspaces and assign workspace roles, features that Postman’s free/basic plan does not offer.

Local First / Optional Cloud Sync

While Postman forces all users to sync their data to the cloud, Hoppscotch’s Personal Workspace is designed to allow users to disable cloud sync if they prefer, storing all their data locally. Moreover, all your data is stored locally when using Hoppscotch without logging in.

We’re working on bringing more advanced capabilities to our local-first mode, enabling users to have greater control over where their data resides.

Let's see how the free versions of Postman and Hoppscotch compare against each other.

Hoppscotch vs Postman

Self Hosted API Testing

Hoppscotch enables you to choose where your data resides. One approach is to enhance our local-first mode (currently a work in progress).

The other approach allows users and organizations to deploy Hoppscotch on-premise. Hoppscotch is the only API testing client that has both cloud and self-hosted offerings. If you’re interested in self-hosting Hoppscotch, check out our documentation.

Hoppscotch is the only API client that does the job right. We believe that anyone should be able to get started with API testing and have control over their data.

However, there are certain features currently missing from our API testing client, such as API documentation and API mocking & monitoring. We believe there are better approaches to solve these problems, and that's how we’re moving Hoppscotch forward.

We aim to solve problems around the API ecosystem not just by building an API testing client, but as as a company which solves problems around the entire API ecosystem!

The API client is just the beginning!

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anmolbaranwal profile image
Anmol Baranwal • Edited

I've never tried Hoppscotch and only use Postman so I can't say which is better.

But I think Postman works in most cases for solo developers, documenting all the stuff in a collection with a specific environment for that collection.

Wow! I initially thought it was a personal post, LOL! I hope you don't mind free opinions. I'll definitely give Hoppscotch a try.

thetronjohnson profile image
Kiran Johns • Edited

haha, no worries, let me know if you need any help with Hoppscotch

srbhr profile image
Saurabh Rai

Postman is good. But if you're building an Open Source API Testing, I'd say Hoppscotch is amazing.

Amazing work! 🔥

thetronjohnson profile image
Kiran Johns

Thank you! That means a lot ❤️