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Hoppscotch for Enterprise: The open source, on premise API Platform

Hoppscotch stands out as a robust API development tool, cherished by the community for its user-friendly nature, adaptability, and expandability. It serves as a comprehensive solution for API development and testing. We have recently introduced the Hoppscotch Self-Host Enterprise edition, designed to empower organizations by enabling on-premise deployment with Hoppscotch.

With Hoppscotch Enterprise at its core, organizations gain complete control over on-premise instance deployment, ensuring enhanced security and taking ownership of their valuable data.

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Features of Hoppscotch Enterprise

Over the years, Hoppscotch has evolved into one of the most beloved API platforms for developers, having over 54,000 stars on GitHub. It has truly become a favorite among open-source products.

Hoppscotch Community

Here's what the latest edition of Hoppscotch Enterprise brings to the table:

Take Control of Your APIs with On-Premise Hosting

Hoppscotch's on-premise hosting offers organizations unprecedented control and top-tier security. By keeping your valuable data within your own environment, you can enjoy peace of mind in today's complex data landscape. In a world saturated with cloud options, choosing on-premise hosting with Hoppscotch means staying true to your organization's core values. It provides the flexibility to seamlessly scale as your needs grow while ensuring long-term cost-efficiency.

SAML SSO: Integrate Hoppscotch with Your Unified Authentication

Hoppscotch Enterprise also introduces SAML-based SSO, enhancing security by allowing you to integrate your organization's SSO capabilities into Hoppscotch. This adds an extra layer of security to your Hoppscotch environment.

SAML based SSO in Hoppscotch

Alongside SSO, you can now configure third-party authentication options according to your organization's needs.

Audit Logs:

Maintaining transparency and security is an ongoing challenge. To address this, Hoppscotch Enterprise offers Audit logs. The system bridges the accountability gap and enhances security by providing real-time insights into user activities. Detailed audit logs encompass crucial information, empowering administrators to identify, investigate, and respond to potential security incidents, thus ensuring a more secure and controlled enterprise application environment.

Managing your Hoppscotch Enterprise Instance

To access Hoppscotch Enterprise, you need to purchase an enterprise license key. To initiate the process, follow these steps:

  1. Visit and provide your email.
  2. A magic link will be sent to your email address.
  3. Click on the magic link to log in, and you will be redirected to a screen to input your organization's information.
  4. Enter information about the organization.
  5. Provide personal information of the individual responsible for the purchase on behalf of the organization.
  6. To proceed with the purchase, review and accept the end user license agreement.
  7. After agreeing to the license terms, you can schedule a demo with our team by clicking the "Book a Demo" button.

While you can directly purchase by clicking the "Subscribe" button, we recommend scheduling a call with us for personalized assistance. Here's how to do it:

  1. Click the "Subscribe" button.
  2. Enter the number of seats required for the license.
  3. Click the "Create" button to proceed to checkout and complete the payment.

Once you have purchased your license key and set up your instance of Hoppscotch Enterprise, all enterprise features will be unlocked for you. You can use the enterprise dashboard to manage the seats and licenses you have purchased.

With features like Single Sign-On, comprehensive audit logs, and streamlined licensing management, Hoppscotch Enterprise Edition empowers enterprises to confidently navigate the complexities of their digital landscape, improving control and security over their digital infrastructure.

Your invaluable feedback significantly contributes to our journey and guides the evolution of Hoppscotch. For a comprehensive overview of the v2023.8.0 release, read out release announcement. Stay tuned for more in-depth updates as we continue to shape the future of Hoppscotch.

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