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hackershare: Social bookmarking reinvented!

Hackershare is a bookmark sharing platform, you can share the webpage you are browsing with one click through chrome extension. Different from bookmark management tools such as pocket, hackershare encourages sharing your bookmarks instead of keeping them privately.

Popular tags are a must-have feature of the bookmark tool, which can facilitate the management of your bookmarks. To become a powerful information organization tool is the goal of hackershare. In the future, many optimizations will be made on the label, such as synonym ring, preferred term, upper term, etc.

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Hackershare is a discovery platform. The system sorts the content by users' clicks, browses, favorites, comments, etc., and calculates the daily, weekly, monthly, and total popularity rankings. At present, the content of hackershare is mainly for programming development, product operation, UI design, entrepreneurial thinking, etc.

Hackershare is an RSS subscription platform; the system will regularly crawl technology-related popular RSS feeds. You only need to subscribe to receive notifications of RSS updates. The effect is the same as an RSS reader. At the same time, you can also subscribe to the content you are interested in according to other dimensions, such as following users and following tags, so that users and tags-related content will be pushed to you, and you can master technical consultation with one click.

In the future, users will be supported to submit their own RSS feeds, which you can use to promote your blog and products.

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Hackershare is an open source project with a wide range of applications. For example, if it is used to put product links, it can become a diversion station worth buying;

If used for news consultation, it can become a news station;

If the information is shared within the team, it can become an internal knowledge base.

Compared with ordinary forums or CMS, hackershare is lighter, SEO friendly, has better information architecture, and automation features. If you build some diversion stations, you can even save the time of writing crawlers.

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Ruslan Kornev • Edited on

Hmmm, I'm doing very similar project and I've added your site :)