Create a Facebook-like application within a week

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The iBanker boss in Hong Kong requests you to create a Facebook-like application within a week. The application should have iOS, Android and Web version. You will gain HK$5000 after the application is fully completed so that the iBanker boss can present the idea to Innovation and Technology Bureau of Hong Kong insists to get the HK$3,000,000 funding.

What tech stack will you use?

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Rails with devise for user management.

SendGrid or similar for handling outgoing email.

The iOS and Android apps would just be a web view.

If I'm getting HK$5000 and they're getting HK$3,000,000, I'll let them worry about making it scale. ;)


I wouldn't. There's no reason (today) that a facebook like service needs a dedicated native app for android and ios. A website will suffice.

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