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What is Collection Expressions in C# 12?

Collection Expressions are a new feature introduced in C# 12 that offer a more concise and readable syntax for working with collections. With these expressions, developers can easily create, manipulate, and transform collections in a highly efficient manner.

Traditionally, when working with collections, developers had to write multiple lines of code to perform tasks such as filtering, transforming, or selecting elements. This often led to code that was cluttered and hard to read. However, with Collection Expressions, these tasks can now be achieved using a simple and compact syntax.

For example, instead of writing a for loop to filter out specific elements from a collection, Collection Expressions allow developers to use a compact syntax using the "where" keyword. Similarly, developers can easily select and transform elements using the "select" keyword. These expressions make the code more expressive and easier to comprehend.

Furthermore, Collection Expressions also support various other operations such as ordering, grouping, and joining collections. Developers can now achieve these complex operations with minimal code and improved readability.

Overall, Collection Expressions in C# 12 simplify collection manipulation, making code more concise and readable. They enhance developer productivity by reducing the amount of code needed to perform common operations on collections. With these expressions, developers can focus more on solving the business problem at hand rather than worrying about the complexities of collection manipulation.

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