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Jozsef Hocza
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Github Copilot is hilarious

So I am in the middle of a messy Laravel project I took over. Sometimes when I try to refactor some mess, I just... leave it as it is... then I start to create a comment like:

I just started typing like: // Well, – and it autocompleted like that, wow... a freakin' mind reader!

Then I went as I mean (here it went a bit off, but I continued) tried, then it autocompleted it to "I mean I tried to fix it." Great! I put two more dots and continued with the but and guess what: "but this whole thing is a mess."

// Well, it's not really a coupon, but it's a coupon-like thing.
// I mean, I tried to fix it... but this whole thing is a mess.
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It is just... amazing.😅

Of course, you can utilize GitHub Copilot in a bit better cases, like actually auto-completing code.

For example, I wanted to update the amount on the Invoice whenever an invoice gets saved.

I just typed a quick comment like:

// Update invoice items upon saving Invoice

And bummm... there is the perfect Laravel code.

Of course, it can be off many times, but I find it a beneficial addition.

I'm completely sold on this product, and I hope its monthly cost range will be around a webStorm or PhpStorm.

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