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Python Optimization with NumPy (Vectorization)


I created different methods to simulate some data and compare these methods regarding their performance when increasing the sample size.

Method 1: Unvectorized method using Python list;
Method 2: Unvectorized method using Numpy array;
Method 3: Partially vectorized method (i.e., this method still utilizes a Python list and an explicit loop)
Method 4: Fully vectorized method (i.e., only use Numpy array and vectorization provided by Numpy)

See the code below

def make_dummy_y_unvectorized1(x, vector_w, b, error_term):
    y = []
    m = x.shape[1]
    for i in range(m):
        y_i = 0
        for j in range(len(vector_w)):
            y_i += vector_w[j] * x[j, i]
        y_i = (y_i + b) * np.exp(error_term[i])

        y = np.array(y)
    return y

def make_dummy_y_unvectorized2(x, vector_w, b, error_term):
    m, n = x.shape
    y = np.zeros(n)
    for i in range(n):
        for j in range(m):
            y[i] += vector_w[j] * x[j, i]
    y = (y + b) * np.exp(error_term)
    return y

def make_dummy_y_vectorized1(x, vector_w, b, error_term):
    y = []
    for i in range(x.shape[1]):
        y.append((, x[:, i]) + b) * np.exp(error_term[i]))
        y = np.array(y)
    return y

def make_dummy_y_vectorized2(x, vector_w, b, error_term):
    y = (, x) + b) * np.exp(error_term)
    return y
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Comparison results between un-vectorization and vectorization methods

In the comparison chart, method 1 and method 2 show a sharp increase in the time it takes to finish calculations as the amount of data grows, indicating they're not well-suited for large tasks. Method 3 improves this by handling more data before slowing down. Method 4 - a fully vectorized method - stands out as the clear winner, maintaining a fast and consistent performance regardless of data size, showcasing its efficiency with heavy workloads.

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