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Discussion on: That's it! That's The Tweet! Send!!

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Lovely and filled with lovely people is the part that I have not experienced.

Over the course of the years it's core userbase attracted the exact opposite and under the guise of extremist inclusivity lost the very thing they fought for.

Maybe it's just me and my habits but I don't find it particularly resourceful :)

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Vicki (she/they) Author

Wow, you’re right. I haven’t seen this lack of lovely people. I feel like it often depends on who and what you follow. I would suggest unfollowing anything that feels unhelpful and start following some things that are more helpful.

Shameless plug 🔌, if code isn’t your thing, I’d suggest following Code Questions bot. There are some awesome people who will lead you to meet other great people.

I’d also highly suggest following In_Otter_News2