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Discussion on: Case against premade CSS frameworks (and Design systems)

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Hugo - hnla

I have seen the use of these frameworks increase over the recent years and it's important to stress the real reason that they are used in so many situations and it is most definitely NOT as they offer a uniform well developed approach to frontend development but rather that nowadays there seems to be a real decline in the true frontend developer, who, as mentioned in this post, is meant as per their job description to be able to work up a full template solution to suit the site/job at hand - it's what we do! The framework in many 'business' situations managed by backend project leads jump on frameworks largely as they seemingly offer a solution to removing a lot of development time and where they often don't seem to have particularly experienced frontend devs.

The other important aspect to consider is how well do we all assume these frameworks are built? I and many others have no time for the likes of Bootstrap or Foundation - to name but a few - we can generally write far better code suited to the project in hand without tons of legacy unused code or endless un-semantic classes, and which ultimately is far easier to maintain for other devs.

I currently have to fight a battle in largish company to dissuade them from going the bootstrap route in a major platform re-structure, Bootstrap wasn't a business decision just an assumption... so sad :(

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Vladimir Jovanović Author

Thank you Hugo, this was one of the reasons I wrote this article.

Sadly, you are correct.

Web design is forgotten occupation, but we used to create design systems and our own frameworks for each project.

Those who have inherited web design (UI and UX designers) no longer know how to code, while once large area of frontend development is today considered to be only javascript engineering. That has left a void when it comes to CSS since it is easier for everyone to use premade framework than to create something on their own.

It is troubling that most people see this part of the job as unnecessary and as "reinvention of the wheel". It only shows how huge this problem has become.