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Harley Hicks
Harley Hicks

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Hi, I'm Harley Hicks

The CliffsNotes:

  • I have been coding for ~10 years.

  • You can find me on Twitter and on Github.

  • I live in Northeast Ohio.

  • I work for Ventrac as a Web Developer.

  • I mostly program in Python, PHP and Javascript.

  • I am currently learning more about PHP7, Laravel and Vue.js.

  • My side project is Tenma.

  • I like to talk about music with my friend on our Podcast.

  • I'm family man of 4 kids, 2 dogs and a beautiful wife.

Nice to meet you!

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Jess Lee

Hi Harley! Welcome to the community :)
Here are some articles and podcasts on Vue.js if you're interested:

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Harley Hicks

Great! Thank you!