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Why I started writing blog posts in Hindi ?

hmble profile image hmble Updated on ・2 min read

I published my first blog at
It is translated in both hindi and english. I hope you like it.

Heres the link for hindi and link English translation

My native langauge is Hindi and I feel comfortable to share my knowledge in my own native language. I feel less confident when I write blog posts in English. Now that being said, other reason to write blog posts in Hindi is that there are many native prpgrammers like me who don't have a good grasp on English. I want to target those programmers and help them learn programming without the hassle of understanding english first.

There were many times where I lost reading blog posts just because I couldn't understand indentended meaning of sentence written in English.

There are very less written content in Hindi and most of them are mainly video content. So I thought, why not write a post in Hindi ( Hinglish ) and help those who need Hindi content.

What do I mean by Hindi(Hinglish) ?

Hindi language is quite tough to write on keyboard. Most of us use Hinglish ( Hindi words spelled in English with no grammer rules ). This makes it easier to write blog posts faster and easier to read because of out habit to read Hinglish in our daily routines.

So what are your thoughts about this idea of writing blogs in Hindi ? Please share in the comment below.

Also will it be okay if I share those blogs here on ?

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I don't speak hindi, however, I think you will help other people, you show empathy, so I hope you do it.
Maybe consider doing both versions if possible.
Even if I don't benefit at all personally, I think you have a chance to improve the lives of thousands of people.
Focus on the parts which will be most useful for your audience.
I won't understand anything, but I hope you enjoy creating the content!
ps, if you share your articles with me, I can share them with my team :)

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hmble Author

Thank you for your kind words. I would love to try to write in both english and hindi language, but I don't know if supports translated content feature.
Looks like I need to translate same blog post in english and then republish. But problem with this is it will create two blogs with same title.

Do you know of this feature ?

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Simply link from one to the other at the beginning of the article so readers can self-segment, no?

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hmble Author

Yes, I did the same on my own blog. I will try and do the same here.

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Gabor Szabo • Edited

What @dataf3l said. Even people who are well versed in English might prefer to read in their native language.

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