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How to Install Free SSL Certificate for Website | Renew cPanel SSL Certificate Free

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Follow these steps to install or renew your free SSL certificate for your website:

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  1. Go to google search and type SSL for free and click on the following website link:
  2. To secure your website copy and paste your website domain in the create free SSL certificate field.
  3. In this step create your account by using your email and password and click on register.
  4. Verify and validate your domain name and don't uncheck Auto Generate CSR button now click the next step.

  5. After that your SSL certificate has created and you need to verify your domain name. To do that select the HTTP file upload option. Now download your 'auth file', create a new file directory in your cPanel web hosting. After that verify your domain and click the next step to continue.

  6. After your domain verification there will a button to download SSL certificate files for free in the zip file. Download these files and unzip that folder.

  7. No, login to your web hosting server and go to cPanel and then click on SSS/TSL option under your security section.

  8. If there are already exist old SSL files in your cPanel first delete all old SSL certificate files and then upload your new downloaded files. Upload private key files and certificate key files in their respective options.

  9. Now finally, click on 'Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS)' to install the free SSL certificate files.

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