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Reading App

My Final Project

I done this project during my Udacity Nanodegree course and I used for that my tools brings by GitHub Student Developer Pack #githubsdp like WebStorm or and TowerGit App.
My goal was to build a reading app.

Demo Link

Link to Code

Build Status


MyReads is an app where you can define a shelve or category for your books.

  • Currently Reading
  • Want to Read
  • Read

Also, you can search for books based on title and author.

This app is the first of three projects required for Udacity's React Nanodegree program.


Clone the repository, change directories, and use NPM to install the dependencies.

$ git clone
$ cd my-reads
$ npm install


The project can be run with

  • npm start

The project can be viewed in the browser at

How I built it

I build this project on React with Create React App
I had discover states principles and lifecycle management

Additional Thoughts / Feelings / Stories

It was a good project for discover workflow to development

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