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Freelance Time Management

Freelance Time Management
For the last month or so I have been receiving a lot of requests for freelance work. As a freelancer just starting off, all you want is for people to contact you; however, when you're getting a request every day or other day it becomes a lot. You have to really take time to think and plan which projects you have room in your schedule for and which you will have to turn down.

I personally use a pen and a notebook that I carry around to keep track of a lot of my schedule. In the past, I have used a couple todo apps:

I enjoyed Microsoft's To-Do the most out of them because of its simplicty--which is probably why I enjoy my pen and notebook so much--but I am still looking for some new methods to try and implement in my workflow.

Curious to hear what some fellow freelancers use to manage their time.

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I'm personnaly using Github project tab(sort of like jira)/issues tab on private repos i'm handling for clients.
it's like a jira but it packs everything on the product itself. and no need for other channel of communication.

of course, a pen and notebook is mandatory as a daily tool to use (mostly when out of a computer)

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Julia Moskaliuk

For time tracking I use TMetric app. It is easy-to-use and integrates with Trello. Trello boards are mapped to TMetric projects and this app provides powerful reports.