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Linux System Administration Career Course

A Linux Expert's Journey from Getting a Job to Becoming a Linux Expert and Highly-Paid International Writer!

  • From the author of and famous international writer.

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You want to learn Linux, but there are two major problems with your learning.

First, You start learning it but there are so many possibilities, it’s hard to get started. Or even if you manage to get started it’s difficult to expert in Linux without proper guidance.

Second, you don’t want to spend weeks or even months learning not only to get started, but the best ways to get started.

Friend, you’ve come to the right place — because I’ve got the answer to both the problems.

Introducing the Most Helpful, Practical and Inexpensive Linux System Administration Course.

Stop yourself trying to figure out how to succeed in your Linux career. Instead, take benefit of these proven methods and real-life examples.

This is a Complete Linux System Administration Course with a brief theory and Hands-On Labs.

You can pick up "Linux System Administration for Beginners [Crash Course]" and learn from the experts within two months! I’ve been working in the Linux field for almost 15+ years. I know what it takes to learn Linux, get a job, and advance in this field.

Who should join this course?

Would you like to get a job in the field of IT? Do you want to become a Linux system administrator but don’t know where to get started? In this course we will begin by covering the very basics of using the Linux operating system, and move on to the advanced system and networking skills necessary to become a Linux administrator!

It doesn’t matter if you are an undergraduate or graduate student or a fresher looking for a job in a Linux or a professional working as a Linux administrator.

Here is what we have got for you:

  • 120+ lessons with systematic and simple way to understand Linux basic to advanced.

  • A clear tutorial approach to help you learn and test with real-life examples.

  • A comprehensive, step-by-step lab at the end of each chapter.

  • A perfect balance between theoretical concepts, which are covered rigorously as well as practical contexts thus allowing the readers to build a solid foundation in key methodologies, techniques, tips and tricks in the field of Linux System Administration.

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What You’ll learn after completing this course?

Introduction to UNIX & LINUX

  • History of UNIX and LINUX
  • Different Linux Distributions
  • Features and Advantages of Linux
  • Why Linux?
  • Architecture of Linux
  • Preparing to Install Ubuntu 20.04 Linux
  • Quiz on Linux & Unix (Score: 50%)
  • Lab 1 - Installing Ubuntu 20.04 Operating System

Create a Free Linux Machine on Cloud

  • Get Free Ubuntu Machine to Learn This Course

File System Hierarchy Standard and Basic Commands

  • File System Hierarchy Overview
  • Creating and Listing Files
  • Creating and Deleting Directories
  • Navigating the Linux File System
  • Copying Files and Directories
  • Modifying File Content Using VI / Vim Editors
  • Quiz on File System Hierarchy and Basic Commands
  • Lab 2 - Basic File and Directory Commands
  • Lab 3 - Working with VI Editor

User and Group Administration

  • Introduction to User and Group
  • Creating and Managing User Account
  • Creating and Managing Group Account
  • Quiz on User and Group Administration
  • Lab 4 - Creating and Managing User Account
  • Lab 5 - Creating and Managing Group Account

Basic File Permissions and ACLs

  • Introduction to File Permissions
  • Modifying and Managing File Permissions
  • Introduction to Access Control List (ACL)
  • Changing User and Group Ownership
  • Quiz on File Permissions and ACLs
  • Lab 6 - Set Ownership and ACL
  • Lab 7 - Set File and Directory Permission

Disk Partitions

  • Introduction to Disk Partitioning
  • Creating and Formatting the Disk Partition
  • Mounting the Disk Partition
  • Quiz on Disk Partitioning
  • Lab 8 - Creating and Managing Disk Partition

Swap File System

  • Introduction to Swap Space
  • Creating and Enabling the Swap File
  • Quiz on Swap File System
  • Lab 9 - Creating, and Managing the Swap File

Logical Volume Manager (LVM)

  • Introduction to LVM
  • Creating Physical Volume, Logical Volume, and Volume Group
  • Quiz on Logical Volume Manager
  • Lab 10 - Setup Logical Volume on Harddisk Partitions

Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID)

  • Introduction to RAID and RAID Levels
  • Installing and Setting Up RAID Array
  • Quiz on RAID Array
  • Lab 11 - Setting up RAID 10 Array on Hard Disks

Backup and Restore

  • Why We Need Backup and Restore
  • Backup and Restore using tar Command
  • Compress Backup Using gzip and bzip2
  • Quiz on Backup and Restore
  • Lab 12 - Backup and Restore using tar Command

Software Package Management

  • Introduction to Package Management
  • Installing and Removing Software Packages Using apt
  • Installing and Removing Software Packages Using dpkg
  • Quiz on Package Management
  • Lab 13 - Managing Software Packages Using apt and dpkg

Network Configuration

  • Introduction to Networking
  • Types of IP Address
  • Configuring Hostname
  • Configuring Static and Dynamic IP Addresses
  • Quiz on Networking
  • Lab 14 - Setting Up Hostname and Static IP Address

FTP Server Configuration

  • Introduction to FTP Server
  • Installing and Configuring VSFTPD Server
  • Accessing the VSFTPD Server
  • Enabling SSL/TLS on VSFTPD Server
  • Basic FTP Commands
  • Quiz on VSFTPD
  • Lab 15 - Setting Up an Anonymous FTP Server with VSFTPD

DHCP Server Configuration

  • Introduction to DHCP Server
  • Installing DHCP Server
  • Configuring DHCP Server
  • Configuring DHCP Client
  • Quiz on DHCP
  • Lab 16 - Setting Up DHCP Server and Client

NFS Server Configuration

  • Introduction to NFS Server
  • Installing and Configuring NFS Server
  • Configuring NFS Client
  • Quiz on NFS Server
  • Lab 17 - Setting Up a Local NFS Server and Client

SSH Server Configuration

  • Introduction to SSH Server
  • Installing and Configuring SSH Server
  • Configuring SSH Password-based Authetication
  • Configuring SSH Key-based Authentication
  • Quiz on SSH Server
  • Lab 18 - Setting Up and Connecting to Local SSH Server

DNS Server Configuration

  • Introduction to DNS Server
  • Zones and Records in DNS
  • Installing DNS Server
  • Configuring DNS Server
  • Verifying DNS Server
  • Quiz on DNS Server
  • Lab 19 - Setting Up DNS Server for Local Network

Apache Web Server Configuration

  • Introduction to Apache Web Server
  • Installing Apache Web Server
  • Configuring Basic Apache Web Server
  • Configuring Apache Virtual Hosting
  • Enable SSL on Apache Web Server
  • Quiz on Apache Web Server
  • Lab 20 - Deploy PHP Application with Apache and MariaDB Database

Bonus Lessons

  • Setting Up Firewall with UFW
  • Find and Replace Text in Files using sed Command
  • Monitoring Network Connections with Netstat Command
  • How to Use SCP to Securely Transfer Files Between Servers in Linux
  • Find Files and Directories in Linux

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