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Upendo Prompt Helps You Demo & Test in Your DNN Websites!

For a long time now, I've been meaning to put this update into Upendo Prompt. I need to create users all of the time for various types of demos and other kinds of show-and-tell moments. Isn't it a bit of a time waste and embarrassing/annoying to have to come up with user accounts on the fly? Worse, if people are watching it live too. This update will save you a TON of time!  

What is Upendo DNN Prompt? 💻

If you didn't already know, DNN has a built-in command line tool available to administrators and superuser, called Prompt. This feature makes it super-easy to do many common administrative tasks, such as page and user management - all using a few commands. It's quite powerful. Not only for the reasons I just introduced, but it's yet another extension point for DNN.  

Anyone can build and install commands on their DNN website!  

Our goal for some of the commands is to mature them to the point of contributing them back to the core of DNN. To do that, we'll need your feedback, of course. However, we're also waiting until we get closer to DNN 11. The APIs for building prompts are a bit challenging for a first-timer, still.  

Upendo Prompt 1.6 Updates 🔮

In this release, we didn't focus on any bugs, but rather, focused on a single feature that brought with it two shiny new commands for your enjoyment. They are set-demousers and delete-demousers.  

When using the set-demousers command, it will attempt to create a handful of user accounts for you to use on the website. Just type the command and press . You'll see the results straight away. If you've already run this command or a user account of the same name already exists, it will let you know and perform the necessary logic to skip it.  

The delete-demousers command is there simply to clean up the demo work you've just done. When run, this command will soft- and permanently-delete the user accounts matching those matching the usernames created by the previous prompt command.  

Pretty cool, huh? Let's see it in action!  

Video Demonstration 📸

Watch on YouTube (5:41)

Download & Project Links 🤓

Are you ready to use these cool new prompt commands? All you need to do is follow your desired link(s) below.  

In Closing 🙏🏽 

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David Poindexter

Awesomeness 🎉

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Will Strohl

Thanks, David! 😎🤙🏽

Also, HUGE thanks for continuing to be a sponsor, too! 🙏🏽

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David Poindexter

Happy to support those doing great things in and for the DNN community!