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Angular 6|7|8|9 Tutorial – Angular Components By Examples

Modern front-end web application development changes a lot in these days. In the modern frontend web development, we break our page into different components and then link them together with one root component. In this article, we are going to learn something similar for angular which known as angular components in detail with examples. Before [...]

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Hi there, we encourage authors to share their entire posts here on DEV, rather than mostly pointing to an external link. Doing so helps ensure that readers don’t have to jump around to too many different pages, and it helps focus the conversation right here in the comments section.

If you choose to do so, you also have the option to add a canonical URL directly to your post.

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Hello to All,
I tried to build a webpage in angular. So, I put html code in app.component.html and in index.html.

But blank page is showing. please suggest, to resolve.

All i want to display html code (paragraph text and images) on front end.

Thank you in advance