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Website testing: Key Steps to Consider.Part II

akhobotnya profile image Alex Khobotnya ・1 min read

Website testing isn’t what it used to be. Your site now has to work flawlessly on a range of desktop browsers and mobile devices with various screen resolutions.

What aspects to consider when focusing on website testing? Scroll down if you missed the first part.

Usability testing
4-6 people can be involved in the process of checking the website usability. Their feedback undergoes further thorough analysis.

Security testing
Can users access closed pages and the admin panel? It's also important to identify any vulnerabilities or threats that can jeopardize the application security.

Performance testing
A tester checks website speed, responsiveness, and stability under a particular workload.

Regression testing
When all found bugs are fixed, a tester runs regression testing to control the quality of the improvements and define new errors if there are such. The regression testing should be repeated until the website meets technical specifications.

Successfully performed quality website testing is an assurance that the website can be moved to production, where it can effectively fulfill assigned business tasks.


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