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Automating testing processes with HireTester

akhobotnya profile image Alex Khobotnya ・1 min read

Automating testing processes with HireTester

Automation Testing is the process of software verification, when the main functions and test steps, such as start, initialization, execution, analysis, and report on results, are performed automatically with the help of test automation tools.

Automation Testing Procedure at HireTester:

=> Study
We analyze specifications and other project docs, check the application, and select test tools and technologies.

=> Requirements analysis
Manually test the application, develop test cases, and test scenarios. We can work with the ready-made test cases and scenarios supplied by you or create them ourselves.

=> Receiving approval
Discuss test cases and test scenarios with you, get your approval.

=> Scripts mining
Start to develop scripts based on test cases.

=> Automation testing
Run tests and report on the results.

We're always ready to run the extra mile. Along with detailed bug reports, we can also share our feedback on overall solution usability, soft spots, and possible improvements.

Get in touch, and we'll discuss the details.

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