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My Hacktoberfest20 summary

hirenchauhan2 profile image Hiren Chauhan ・1 min read

What I Learned From Hacktoberfest

This is the second time I have participated in Hacktoberfest. And I can tell how much I have learned this time while contributing to different types of projects.

I have contributed to these projects which I think I should highlight here:

GitHub logo mattermost / mattermost-developer-documentation

Mattermost developer documentation.

In this one, I learned how to configure sorting the lists(here the blog posts) in Hugo the static site generator.

GitHub logo hasura / learn-graphql

Real world GraphQL tutorials for frontend developers with deadlines!

In the second one, I migrated the whole apollo-angular tutorial to Angular's latest version, i.e. 10! I learn how to migrate older versions of angular apps to the latest version of the framework and the other libraries that are built upon the schematics of angular devkit.

I learned about working with Graphql while contributing to the Hasura project.

Some other contributions were some minor changes which I believe most of the people have done during this season.

Thank you DigitalOcean, Dev, and all the wonderful humans out there!


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