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About me

  • I'm a university senior born in 2002, currently wrapping up my final year of studies

  • I played baseball until high school and am a huge fan of Shohei Ohtani!

  • I'm thrilled to announce that I'll be joining Rakuten Group in Japan next year.

My Journey So Far

I've had the opportunity to launch several products, which has been an incredible learning experience.

Here's a quick overview of my technical skills and the tools I've used:

  • Languages: Python, JavaScript, and TypeScript
  • Cloud Platforms: AWS, GCP
  • Frameworks: Flask, React, Spring Boot

Why I'm Here

Although I'm still a beginner in the engineering world, I believe in the power of sharing knowledge to enhance our skills.

Through my posts, I aim to document my learnings, share insights, and hopefully help others along the way.

Thank you for having me here!

I look forward to connecting with you all and contributing to this vibrant community.

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Paweł Ciosek

Great to have you here! 👏👏

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Thomas Bnt ☕

Welcome on DEV! 🥳

the-dezeray profile image

what are you working on .. i am beginner too hoping to collaborate